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WFM-IGP Coalition for 3+3 program

World Federalist Movement (WFM/IGP) has an established and successful history building global coalitions with direct impact results as evidenced in our Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC), which effectively convened Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) towards collective advocacy and support for the establishment and long-term support of the Court.

The CICC has demonstrated that a coalition of CSOs can help deliver significant, long-term outcomes on issues of global significance once there is an acknowledgment that the issue requires collective action, is beyond the scope of an individual organization, and requires extensive, pooled resources and capacity.

As part of our new 2021-23 Strategic Plan, WFM/IGP proposes applying this expertise to establish a Coalition for the 3+3, the Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone (NEA-NWFZ) with a Three-plus-Three Arrangement (3+3).

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