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We Mobilize Members of Parliament 

Why Mobilize Members of Parliament (MPs)?


When MPs move, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the related embassies will assist MPs in many ways; airport pick-up/drop-off, accommodations, briefing of the subject country, identify counterparts, and taking appointments for the meetings. When MPs move, the official channel of diplomacy is to be fully functional. We could expect all necessary assistance from the first track diplomacy channel except for the content of the meetings.

The picture was taken when 165 MPs from 65 countries mobilized in 2006 Tokyo to support the International Criminal Court (ICC). As a result of this gathering, and certainly, with help from all levels of the government and  Civil Society Organizations, Japan ratified the Rome Statute for the ICC the following year. The conference was organized by PGA (Parliamentarians for Global Action), coordinated by CICC (Coalition for the International Criminal Court), WFM Japan (World Federalist Movement Japan), supported by a few committed Japanese MPs.

2021-24 C3+3 GOALS

・Japan and/or Republic of Korea to formally announce its willingness and direction(s) toward a NEA-NWFZ 3+3 approach. 

・Resume the Six-Party Talks to discuss some kind of Comprehensive Framework

Agreement (CFA) for the Denuclearization of Northeast Asia.

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